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The Wine




Sauvignon Blanc 2015   SPECIAL $15.00 per bottle



Crafted in a non traditional way, a very different Sauvignon Blanc. Crisp and dry in a very reductive style, fragrant citrus and exotic fruit mingle with subtle mineral and floral flavours bought by a touch of Viognier. Seafood, salads or a cheese platter will be complimented by this refreshing wine or it might tempt you to simply enjoy it on its own.

Made in the French style to be cellared up to 2020 or drinking beautifully right now!


Tasting Notes


Chardonnay 2016     $25.00 per bottle



This Classic style barrel fermented Chardonnay  is rich, complex and textured, with lusciously powerful flavours of mango, mandarin zest entwined with jasmine, subtle aromas of almond, nougat, a light smokiness and minerality . Long and lingering, to be enjoyed on its own or with a wide variety of dishes, from a plater of cheese, tapas or elaborated mains.

Optimum drinking time is 2018 to 2020, but will develop fine tertiary aromas beyond 2021.


Tasting Notes


Albariño  2016     $22.00 per bottle    OUT OF STOCK



A Spanish popular variety ripened by the Hawkes bay sun. Incredibly versatile, this aromatic white wine is a perfect match for seafood, chicken, paella and tapas. Fresh crisp and dry, with subtle aromas of white peach and orange zest, generous mid palette adding nutty characters. Elegant yet playful,  balanced from start to finish. 

Optimum drinking time is 2018.


Tasting Notes


 Rosé 2017     $21.00 per bottle


A French style Rosé, it’s delicate colour reveal its freshness. It is fruit driven on the palate with aromas of wild berries. Crisp, dry and delicious, this refreshing wine will complement many foods from salads to spicy dishes.

Or simply enjoy on its own, preferably by 2018.


Tasting Notes


Cabernet Franc 2014     $25.00 per bottle



For your next sophisticated dinner party consider this French style wine inspired by the Loire Valley. Your guests should savour slowly this elegant, complex and multi layered wine. Its seductively rich crimson colour gives an initial burst of raspberry followed by wickedly wild berries, wild flowers then the earthiness of the forest floor and subtle notes of spice and flint stone. 

Optimum drinking time is 2018-2019; will develop cigar box flavours past 2020.


Tasting Notes


Syrah 2016    $25.00 per bottle



Aromas of plum, cherry, prunes and toffee. This bright ruby red coloured Syrah is fruit driven with a plump generous body. Dark cocoa, coffee beans, liquorice and spice, round and complex on the palate with a smooth lengthy finish.  Complement your rich flavoured dishes with this beautifully balanced wine.


Optimum drinking time is 2018 to 2021, it should develop port like flavours after 2022.


Tasting Notes


Cabernet Sauvignon 2015      $25.00 per bottle  OUT OF STOCK



Think of this traditional Cabernet Sauvignon when planning your next special venison and beef dishes. It has spent 16 months in barrels developing it’s deep ruby colour and smooth tannins. Bursting with blackcurrant, fresh coffee beans and caramel, with hints of cedar.

Optimum drinking time is 2018 to 2022, with delightful tertiary aromas developing until 2025 for people enjoying matured, elegant aged wines.


Tasting Notes


Cabernet Merlot 2016      $25.00 per bottle



Think of this sweetly seductive Cabernet Merlot when planning your next special lamb and beef dishes. Aromas of ripe plum, black berry, blackcurrants and vanilla. Firm and integrated structure displaying notes of dried herbs, eucalyptus and great toasty characters of brioche. A complex wine with a generous and lingering finish.

Optimum drinking time is 2018 to 2022.


Tasting Notes

Discovery - 6 Pack     $125.00       ($140.00 RRP)    

1 x Arneis  2018

1 x Chardonnay  2016

1 x Rosé 2017

1 x Cabernet Franc  2014

1 x Syrah  2015

1 x Cabernet/Merlot 2016




Discovery - 12 Pack    $240.00      ($279.00 RRP)

1 x Arneis  2018

2 x Chardonnay  2016

1 x Sauvignon Blanc  Hawkes Bay   2015 

2 x Rosé  2017

2 x Cabernet Franc  2014

2 x Syrah  2015

2x Cabernet Merlot  2016